With apologies to fans of cheap razors and pumpkin spice candles, don’t you deserve a monthly subscription you’re actually excited about? 

This curated selection of Cali craft beer (hey, you wanted to support local businesses!) is delivered to your door or closest Simmzy’s. 

for $22/Month

Beer Club Membership Perks (Other than great beer)

Beer Club members are treated like family, or better (depends on your family)

Monthly Beer Kits

Like a lunch box but filled with some of our favorite local beers. (6 local brews per kit) 

Priority Waitlist

No lines for you, our sweet Prince(ss).  Beer Club members cut the line at Simmzy’s!

20% Off Retail Beer

Thirsty for a deal? Consider yourself quenched. 20% off what we carry in our beer fridge.

Happiest Hour

Join us each month for brewery tours and free beer from our upcoming featured selection.

Beer Pour Upgrades

Despite what your spouse says, bigger is better! Members get bigger pours on Simmzy’s Beers.

Free Delivery

It’s like magic, become a member and *POOF* free delivery on orders over $30. OR pick it up yourself & get 10% off Takeout. 

How It Works

Beer Club is powered by our brand new EatSimms mobile app! Membership benefits start pouring in as soon as you sign-up & download the app. It’s as simple as 1,2,3 … and okay 4.

Gift a Beer Club Membership

Nothing says I’m out of gift ideas like a pair of socks. Don’t be that person. Give them something they’ll love. Beer, like diamonds, never goes out of style. And it’s significantly cheaper!

Bring a smile to the craft beer lover in your life with a Simmzy’s Beer Club E-Gift Card!


Contact Us

Shoot us a message & one of our Beer Club Representatives will get back to you as soon as they’re sober!

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